A Jordanian trading company with a branch in Turkey specialises in international wholesale and bulk trading of spices, herbs, pulses, nuts, baking ingredients, cardamom, sesame, bird feed and pets food. 


About Us

Since founded in 2001 in Jordan, Golden Waves built a vast network of clients and a wide range of distribution channels worldwide. The comprehensive international trade company is part of Shakeeb Khirfan Group, one of the Middle East's earliest manufacturing and trading companies.

Our Services

Our success depends on the high level of service and the best quality products provided. The team is multinational and can help you source products from all around the world, especially from Turkey and Middle East. We provide competitive prices, thanks to our suppliers and transport companies. 

Our Products

We believe in following a fine traditional approach to serve our customers the best coffee they can get from around the world. We carry over 30 different kinds of coffee from crops world-wide, while we remain focused on developing long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our ultimate goal is to bring the best coffee from the crop to your cup.